As anyone seeking a certified IQ test online will tell you, there are plenty of different options out there… and not all of them are reliable. Indeed, the internet seems to be absolutely full of unreliable IQ tests, many of which aren’t just incapable of providing realistic results, but also might be after your personal data, too!

We’ve all seen the online IQ tests shared by friends and family on social media. Can they be trusted? Let’s take a quick look at some points to look out for to sort the quality from the useless, and to help you find a certified IQ test with genuine credentials and worthiness.

Certified IQ Tests are Standardised

A good online IQ test should always be standardised. This essentially means that your resulting score will always be comparative with the scores of a particular representative group. This group doesn’t need to be small or particularly selective – indeed, it could be based on the results of tens of thousands of test-takers worldwide – but it does need to be based on a comparative system which sets the average score at 100.

A Certified IQ Test Should be Reliable and Repeatable

Coincidences have no place in reliable IQ tests! This means that if you were to take the same test twice, your score should be more or less exactly the same.

A Good IQ Test Should be Based on Intelligence Theory

Years and years of study have gone into creating reliable and scientifically-based IQ tests. The international IQ test, for example, has been formulated carefully and meticulously to make it possible for anyone in the world, from any background or culture, to take the test and receive an accurate score. Made-up tests should be easy to spot, and won’t give reliable results.

Professional IQ Tests Will Justify Their Existence

While not every IQ test will explain its purpose or reason for creation, those created with a professional or clinical purpose in mind will lay out exactly who made the test, and what the test is actually for.

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